The Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) was gradually getting more and more discouraged having to rely on a generic website from CCS’s national office in Toronto. The Ottawa chapter wanted to illustrate the seamless structure as to where and how donated money was allocated to local support programs and cancer research. The national website was bland, unemotional and stagnant. Not only was it difficult to navigate to Ottawa’s link, but even more frustrating to find information pertaining to Ottawa’s concerns.

We photographed and recorded Ottawa cancer survivors testifying their individual struggles while endorsing CCS Ottawa’s commitment during these trying times. By clicking a tab it enabled the viewer to see and hear from each survivor. Each video is an emotionally charged and convincing piece heightening the awareness about CCS Ottawa and where donations go – to local cancer research.

We have also suggested a commemorative stamp for CCS’s 80th anniversary in 2018.