Picture your mother, wife, sister, aunt, or your daughter being diagnosed with breast cancer. There is probably nothing more frightening for her than being told she has been afflicted with this disease. Though it affects family, friends and colleagues,

little prepares her for such fear and loneliness. Although we are reducing the number of fatalities attributed to breast cancer, the number of women struck with cancer is actually increasing, so knowledge about preventative steps is critical.

The premise of IMPRESSIONS is to have a 16 breast cancer survivors leave their body impressions literary – on canvas – that reflects their personal story – in some cases, one of dismantling and reconstruction from lumpectomies and mastec- tomies. The project is to enlighten the public, empower the participants, and support the research.

The paintings will be auctioned off live and on social media. We are hoping this project will expand into a national campaign and eventually into an international event. All proceeds go to breast cancer research.